Is there a way to remove tournaments from the home screen?

I have some long correspondence tournaments I’m stuck in but am not interested in the outcome of. I like to ‘clear out’ my home screen and I have no idea how long these tournaments are going to go on. I’ve already been eliminated or disqualified, so I can’t resign from them. Is there a way to remove them from my home screen?

Also, while I’m on the subject, can I remove the site-wide tournaments from my home screen too?

I believe they’re permanent. Sorry.

Is that a feature that could be added? Like a “Hide/Show on Home Screen” switch on the tournament page.
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@GreenAsJade how easy / hard is it to throw in a toggle element button? Does tournament list have its own element or is it part of a bigger section?

Usually the main consideration for these things is “Really? Are we really going to add yet another settings option for this little preference?”

And this request already appears to be two separate options you want: one to remove longstanding tournies, and another to remove site tournies we’re not in.

You could propose to be able to click on each tournament to make it disappear, individually, but this would only be partly satisfying, because site tournies come and go like mushrooms.

It would be comparatively easy to have a “hide site tournies” checkbox on the Home page, or in settings.

Anyhow, the main point is you need to think through what you want and break through the “why would we add more clutter for this corner case?” barrier…


This also wouldn’t solve the problem: you still see the tournament in the home screen after you left it.
It goes away only when the tournament’s finished.

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Thanks for your suggestions @GreenAsJade!
I would propose a check mark on the tournament pages that says show on home screen. This way the user can remove the tournament and bring it back if they gain interest again. They can also remove site-wide tournaments this way if they have OCD tendencies. :wink:

Well, if you’re also not interested in seeing your ladders, groups, or friends list you can add


to uBlock, for example…

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