Is there any way to turn off the countdown voice?

I find that voice so jarring, it immediately breaks my concentration. Games where each turn is only 15 or 20 seconds are the worst. I can play completely muted, but I take a lot of pleasure from hearing the click of the stones.

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I don’t know the answer, but I would like to turn off that annoying voice too.

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I think the basetime countdown should not be read out loud. It makes no difference if you make a move one second before your basetime runs out or one second after that. Also, the last countdown (for your last Byo-Yomi period) should maybe use a different voice.

If the voice did behave this way, you would actually get an audible feedback about how urgent the time situation is. The way it currently is, you just hear numbers all the time and train yourself to ignore it, so there is no benefit.

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There is some hax info on this reddit post. Just seems pretty complicated for non techs ;/

OGS changed their CDN URL so that info doesn’t work anymore, but the good news is that it’s ever so slightly easier to do now.

This is for Chrome. First, get the Requestly extension.

Once you open the Requestly dashboard, click the plus icon on top. From there create a new Cancel Request rule, select matches from the dropdown list and copy paste the following into the source URL field:


This prevents all countdown audio. If you want to keep any of the specific numbers, simply remove those numbers from the list (and keep only one bar between the remaining ones). So, if you want to hear 3, 2, 1 you would have:


For Chrome, the MuteTab extension may also help.

FYI I’ve added to the to-do list to make this an option in settings


That requesterly script is amazing, thank you

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