Is this game won by white?

We are in the move 261.
I am black.
I think i lost. Anyone agree?
I don’t see how to get some territory on the Upper right corner. So there is not much more to do.

  1. This isn’t a review request.
  2. Commenting on ongoing games is a no-no, especially if they’re ranked.
  3. After you’ve finished the game, you can ask for a review or whether anyone thinks anything could’ve been done about the game at point x.

Besides that, it would be a bit late to resign as the game is almost finished.
You can ask me later for comments if you want

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Ok. I’m sorry if this is not the place and the time.
I have just said to muy oponent i think he won, before asking here.
I sholud have waited to end the game, and … were to put this question? I mean, what topic?
Sorry again, and thanks!

now it’s over!
So now i ask again, is it posible to get some more territory for black at upper right corner?

The only problem with your OP is that the game is not over jet. Here is the right place after the game is over.


Well, now the game is over. The only problem is, it wasn’t really over, both of you shouldn’t have passed, as the borders were not yet all closed.

But if I am not mistaken playing those last few moves would not have changes the score significantly.

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W is far too strong to do anything in the right upper corner to answer your question.
For example if B san-san at R17 then W S16 will make impossible to get 2 eyes.

To help understand, with a quadrat 4 empty spaces shape, you can only make 1 eye, not 2. By playing S16 you reduce the B space to a quadrat ( if you are sure you can save S16 by connecting it to your stones) so you kill B for sure

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As you say, he is a regular user, meaning he knows how things are normally done around here. And indeed he is correct, if you are the most recent person to comment and you feel you have more to add, we generally recommend editing your post rather than adding a new one.
Certainly, 5 posts in a row is quite excessive. Please be more considerate when those who have gone before you give advice. And please tidy up your posts, unless you’d prefer a mod do it for you?


Thanks for the answers!