Is this my record and what does it mean?

Does anyone know what this means?

That is a textual output of the rating list found on your profile page.

Are you asking “What is the meaning of this table?”? :

The highlighted number is your overall rank, in glicko points. It is the one that “counts”.

All the others are the components from different types of games you’ve played.

Across the top: Blitz, Live and Correspondence games

Down the side: obviously the board sizes.

Note that each component is calculated separately from that pool of games. The overall is not just some sort of average of the components, it is calculated from scratch based on all your games.

The answer is, emphatically, “Yes.”

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Actually, the player’s record is further down the page.

This is their rank :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the answer to “Does anyone know what this means?”. I suppose next time I’ll use quotes. :bulb:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Got me there!

Thank you. But it does not mean anything to me because: I do not know what 1239 means, nor the 82 I do not follow Any of those records. In particular what 19x19 means because i have NOt played that board yet and it looks to me like I have been involved ? 994= 182 Can you explain what the list in the first line means? We have 1239, 1398, 949

It is “just a number”.

The bigger that number is, the higher your rank.

If you look here:

you can see that 1235 is the same as 18.3k. Which is why your rank is 19k - because it is “more than 18k”.

There is a formula for glicko number to kyu somewhere, but I don’t know where.

Do you mean the 1235? or the 70?


Where is the confusion? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

on your profile card they are organized next to each other. The first number is your “rank” in glicko and Kyu/dans respectively.

The second number is by how much the system is sure of it. Meaning give or take 70 “Glicko points” (patent pending) or 1,7 kyu…

in your profile you just get a more detailed list according to board size and time settings with self-explanatory icons.

Thanks, hmmm but how was I to know that 1235 = 18.3?

I said:

you can see that 1235 is the same as 18.3k.


I deduced this because the 1235 is laid out above the 18.k and the +/-70 is laid out above the +/-1.7


Upon re-reading the flow of questions, I see that really you mean "how do we know how many kyu is 1235 equal to.

I also said:

There is a formula for glicko number to kyu somewhere, but I don’t know where.

You would find it if you search here in the forum for glicko and formula.

I suspect that most people don’t worry about converting those component rank scores. The only rank that is official is the one that is automatically converted for you. The components are just for relative comparison, not to say “I am 17k at blitz 9x9”. OGS does not support multiple ranks. It only shows you the component values of your rank for interest.