Is this seki?


Hi! So neither black or white can kill the other, but is this seki?.. And are any points counted in this corner?

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Yes it is seki.

Japanese rules don’t count points in seki but white can play A17 at the end of the game and Black will have to throwin a prisoner to keep it seki.

In Chinese rules, white gets 3(A17, F19, F18) and black 1.


Thanks a lot that’s a great help! :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Chinese rules, but I didn’t think A17 was a point. My understanding of the term “eye in seki” was that it included F19 and F18 but not A17, which would normally be false.

Ah, but with my stone-counting hat on I can see that it’s a “place where White has the right to play a stone”, so it makes sense that it’s a white point.

Good point about the fact that White can induce the throw-in and, under Japanese rules, won’t lose any points himself for capturing it since the F18–F19 area is already unscored.


Chinese rules don’t mention seki at all, since there is nothing special about seki. Stones which cannot get captured stay on the board. Then count

  1. Stones on the board
  2. empty spaces surrounded by only one colour.
  3. (half a point for each dame)

Please check also this image

Yep another seki.