Issue with the main page on tablet

When I go to the main page ( on my 7’’ tablet, the left side menu pops right next to the list of open games and the “Accept” buttons. I started 2 games by accident while trying to click links in the menu. Any ideas to prevent this?

Huh, so the graph and the game list are side by side on your 7"? Interesting

Well to be honest I think we’re planning on altering that display significantly, it’s pretty ugly as is and cramped, so hopefully we can make it better for everyone and solve your problem at the same time :smiley: That’s still probably a few weeks out though… until then, I guess try and tap more left? :wink:

That’s fine for me, I don’t use it very often anyway :wink: . It’s just something to keep in mind, it’s pretty easy to misclick on a tablet (I managed to misclick in a correspondence game with the submit button…). Maybe adding a confirmation before accepting the game would help.

I have also started a few accidental games on my phone trying to click in the left menu. I have an extraordinarily difficult time getting items in the left menu to work on my phone. One that I have never been able to make work is the “Players” button to search for a specific player. Trying to press that button frequently results in accidentally accepting an open challenge.

(Android 4.1, Chrome Browser)