Issues Uploading SGF

Hello all,
I am trying to upload my go games’ SFG files onto my SFG Library, but everytime I try to upload them, it keeps giving me a “Server error (500)” message. Is everyone else having this issue? How do I solve this problem?

While I don’t experience the same issues, may I point out with utmost humility that the Smart Game Format is abbreviated as SGF, not SFG :slight_smile:

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Just to throw some weight behind this question, I have had a similar issue before when someone sent me an sgf file from elsewhere and I tried to upload it here. I don’t know how/where the game was recorded. I got the same error here.

Normally I can upload fine. If I download a game from OGS, reupload seems to work fine. Are there variations on the SGF file format?

I just found the game that is throwing the error. The only unusual thing I notice in the file is that it isn’t line delimited. Is that a problem?