Items get shuffled around when resizing browser

Is there a way to set it so that when you’re playing or spectating, the content inside the browser doesn’t get shuffled around randomly when I resize the browser?

the board, the chat, both player’s name and color, time, all of these seem to get switched in position, and the board sizes also changes sporadically.

If it’s possible, It would be nice if we could resize our browser to show only the content that we want in order to save screen real estate.

Since most of the time, i have a lot of windows on my screen on my monitor already, and It would be nice to just have a minimum browser window opened with just the board, or board+minimum information.

but as of now, that doesn’t seem to be possible, as the board changes its size without any specific rules, and everything changes its position as well when the browser gets changed in size.

please fix this if possbile!

Things shouldn’t move around randomly… it should scale fairly nicely. Can you take a screenshot for me and post it here?

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