Japanese rules for points counting

I have a question about how the points are calculated (Japanese rules). This is not a real game, just me trying to figure something out.
In the image in the attachment, I would think: White: 5 points (territory) plus 1 (prisoner) (let’s forget about the komi) and Black: 6 points (territory).
However, when I hover my mouse over the two players partitions, I get to see: Black, Territory 6 (ok) and White: Territory: 3. Why?

white has 7 points here.
6 points for territory + 1 prisoner.


Because the score estimator has not considered the black stone, 20, as dead. Sometimes you need to manually mark stones as dead by clicking them when score is being calculated as the algorithm doesn’t always know what’s dead or alive (or seki).
[I don’t know if you can do this during a game or only at the end]

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as Rachel_Gardner pointed out, note that the point below a prisoner is territory too :slight_smile:

And as far as your question goes, it is because the game is not over and the black stone (while actually dead) is still on the board so it is not yet counted for white…

If you want to estimate score use the score estimator from right slide out panel. That should get it correctly. (Although it will probably predict some extra points near the outer walls.) The hover boxes are pretty much useless until the game is over. Which raises another question if we even need them :grin:



Which uses chinese scoring though. So it could be confusing if you look specificly for japanese rules.

I am absolutely no expert on counting systems. I always used japanese and that’s all. But if I recall correctly, white territory should be worth 6 points on chinese scoring (prisoners not counted). Is it right?

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Yes, yes, you are completely right.

I will try to answer more properly. The hover boxes are pretty much useless until the game is decided, that part stands :grin:

If you want the computer to give an estimation of how you are doing the estimate score tool is the only way. BUT the score estimation is done under chinese rules. Normally that does not matter (unless one player is needlessly filling own territory, passing while the other plays or something weird…) While the actual point differ between the two rulesets the margin of victory should mostly be the same. And SE displays only this margin.
Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

Otherwise you just have to count for yourself

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