Javascript error in Firefox

Hi hard working crew!
So when trying to open the game from my home screen, I see this: "Script: https://a00ce0086bda2213e89f-5….2/ogs.4.2-651-ge822247.min.js:256"
I have 3 options and chosing to “continue” usually works but sometimes I have to load Win Task Manager and tell Win to switch to Firefox. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Firefiox threatens to crash too. Just with this game. Anyway, is the script in my browser or on the server?

Is that the entire message? is it a popup? can you take a screenshot? What version of firefox?

Hi matburt,
Sorry for the delay. I didn’t see your reply until a few minutes ago.

Here is the popup for you. Not sure which Firefox version but it is the latest. Hope this helps. (Also, this happens only in this game, as far as I can tell)