Javascript time exploit?

Is there some javascript exploit that gives players extra time? I’ve played a couple games where I suddenly hear “Game started” and the opponent’s clock was reset so that they have the full amount of time again.

There is not. The clock is kept by the server, not either player’s client so no ammount of client side scripts can influence the game-clock.

It is hard to guess further what happened to your games if you give us a link to any such game, we might have a better chance of looking into it. The repeat sound-effect might potentially indicate some sort of connection issues, in which case clock might appear to jump as it syncs with the correct server clock… Alternativelly it is also not uncommon for newer players to be confused by the large variety of complicated time systems. Fisher time (which is one of the more common ones) for example adds time to your clock whenever you make a move perhaps that could also be the source of the misunderstanding.


This was a game where it happened:
I heard “Game started” in the middle of the game and when I looked up the opponent had 5 minutes when I was on 30 second blocks.

According to game log, black used a total of 5min while white took 11min total.
According to the game info, the game took 16 minutes. So the numbers line up there.
As you are in byo-yomi when you heard the message “Game started”, it could be an audio glitch confusing “Byo-Yomi” with another sound file.


I see. Thanks for the explanation.