Jubango Proposal (14k-10k Opponent Needed)

I offer 10 even matches (by way of a 10 round 2 player tournament) to anyone from 14k to 10k. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that each player will be black an equal number of times. Regardless, I feel this would be an interesting endeavour to undertake.

Tournament here: http://online-go.com/tournament/3104.  I tried to edit it so that analysis is disabled, but it won’t change for some reason.

Technically there is no time limit set, but ideally each match should come to completion after one (or perhaps a few) dedicated live session(s). I have no problem with waiting an extended period of time in between each match, but it’s important to me that each individual match is played within at most a couple weekends. I am quite flexible with my time, so it’s really up to my opponent to find the time to play.

If anyone is interested, please make a post and provide a bit of scheduling info (which days and hours you’re likely to be available). There’s no pressure at all to start right away, so if you think you might be available in the future, please say so. I just want to hear from someone who can find the time to play when it is convenient for both of us.