Judging live stones

So, sometimes in play players insist on seeing for themselves whether some stones are alive or dead. Normally, this would be played out and then undo as playing it out can affect the score. However, the site doesn’t have this feature.

It would be very complicated to implement the correct procedure for all different rulesets.
Currently I think you can only ask for moderation in the help room.
Disputing life&death situations become increasingly rarer the stronger the players are so it’s not a big deal in the long run.


I would say the best way to to do this currently would be through using the game analysis tool to explore the variations and then share those back and forth until they’re convinced they’re dead.


If I’m not mistaken, you can avoid this situation by playing Chinese or AGA rules, and possibly some of the others. In the AGA ruleset, you gain a prisoner every time your opponent passes. This means that you can capture your opponent’s dead group without affecting the score.

@anoek has a very good point about using the analysis feature to settle life/death disputes rather than playing on for Japanese rules games. It would be nice for the site to force things to be resolved this way rather than giving the option to play on. I guess it’s up to the players to pause the game and resolve via analysis.

However, ultimately the more challenging issues in resolving life/death disputes are those that arise from players with poor ettiquete rather than the site’s implementation.

Also not all LIVE games have analysis enabled. So that work around doesn’t work for those games.