Just lost a game I won

The computer can’t count or what?

Yes, computers can’t count. They only have on and off states.


Not sure I understand your title “lost a game I won” …

Do you mean one of the following?

  • Sometimes I lose a game in the late mid-game (most often due to some risky, greedy, blundering moves I played) which earlier I thought to have won (“losing a won game”). And sometimes I win games in the late mid-game that earlier I seemed to have lost due to my lack of strategy (“winning a lost game”).
    Is it this you mean?

  • Or … did you play a bot and the score at the end was wrong in your opinion?

  • Or … did you play a game and the Score Estimator (SE) said you were winning while in the end you lost?

In the last case: never trust a SE … the estimation is just a more or less educated guess, built on what the system understands of the board:

  • The earlier in the game, the less the approximation is worth.
  • If there still are are open borders somewhere between your and your opponent’s territories, the SE can fail terribly.
  • And AFAIK it also does not completely understand dead eye shapes, Ko (with all the many possible consequences), etc.

(anybody who understands this better than me please correct me)


Here’s the game for ease of finding it:

Ignoring the weird decisions of which stones are dead on the left, there are whole chunks that appear uncounted on the right and at the top.

I’m just a lowly brand new player to Go though so don’t trust anything I say, but I thought I’d share this so you could see the game at least, as OP didn’t link it.

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Thanks for the link, @Pluckerpluck!

And @eshesj, now I understand … please cf. “The stone removal phase” in our documentation:

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