👻Kasper the OGS B@$+@яд🤬

As Any one familiar with me will know, I’m a work in progress, just like you Bih :fu:. (you know who you are :no_mouth:)

I’m vulgar with words and these stones, but I’ve been here long enough to have toned my go etiquette to the bridge of OGS tolerance. I’ve seen many with offense speaking habits.

That said I’ve been banned now for cussing at a Troll (25kyu so I maybe wrong) and I wunna say I said sorry for the reason of rank. But the guy was obviously placing stones where he just died to piss me off. It wasnt far into the middle game so he couldn’t have broke the rope out that fast. Or hoped to time tesuji me.

If I should find the game for debate I will but yo, I’ve said way worse things in chat to ppl that were new to OGS and provoked a game to settle the dispute, as it should be.
Im probably just an arrogant fool, but why do we have profanity filter options if ppl will get ghosted, was sure I was the “unspoke behavior line”, OGS’s very own bouncer for ppl as rude but less funny.

the GOAT scat spatter, a matter of the politically offensive, sincerely Defensive, the unapologetic, the unappreciated, verbal moderator, of OGS haters, sites first frontline hitter, ok I’ll stop that shit, not <🤬 though Turn your fucking filter on. cuz I never had one! Hehe

But really think I should be banned from chat? I could care a little less but I’m bored now and losing to all the puppets playing today.

P.s this moderator never told me I was about the wonder why my friends arnt responding in game, how nefarious :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi RyukBaduk. The mod notes show that you were chatbanned for using the word “gay” as a slur, and not for your chat in the recent game. We noticed other not-great chats that were blocked between those two incidents, as well.

I think you summed up your situation pretty well—you tend to chat on the brink of OGS etiquette, and you’ve had a lot of mod interactions because of that. We’ve discussed your case extensively in the mod chat because we do think you have good intentions more often than not. I’m sure we’ll discuss it again since you posted here. I’d wanna talk to the others before lifting it, however.


Speaking only for myself, I would say; If your chat tends to be risqué or borderline, choose your audience carefully and bear in mind that most chat on OGS isn’t private.

Mostly I would ask that you don’t take up too much of our moderators time. They are volunteers and they do an excellent job of keeping OGS a friendly, welcoming place for as broad a community as possible.


I kinda like being a ghost too tho, I really posted because I think the ban should have a notifications on OGS, some players may think all his friends are assholes. Also gay is not a slur, as words like that have other meanings including and literally “happy” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: or like slingblade says “funny” (queer not haha), also included in your mod home work by, :eye::eye: 6pm 8,10,2019 is ban option for other players to view game comments in review mode only, first moves say some gay stuff like jolly good game, or plz handle my stones with care, and or for a bonus trust/cool points for OGS appeal a cool color coating for the 18+ type of players. Ya know one for them ppl with thin skin, just incase they leave the site instead of playing SNITCH.

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Yes I tend to forget the internet is allowed to all ages for some reason

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Just FYI, the guiding principle for OGS is to be “the best place to play Go online.” To meet this objective, we strive to be the most accessible to beginners and also the most welcoming. This is part of why we have low tolerance for phrases like “(That’s so) gay.” If you mean “that’s so dumb,” you should say “that’s so dumb.” To someone who is gay, it’s degrading to hear “gay” being used as the new “dumb.” It may seem like a small thing, but it’s part of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all players.


Dumb wasnt even the context idt or isnt when I say it playing go, it’s usually more like, frustrating.

Slur is a slur in itself and btw although it says different, on my page, I thought I was living in the states, where speech was free until the internet movement unintentionally, I hope, started influencing that :slight_smile:

Also I think ogs should steer away from political correctness fueled reporting for their own mods time and stress lv. Lol

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Haha, I hear you. As a lawyer, I can tell you with some certainty that free speech means the government can’t punish you for politically incorrect speech. We can, and do, to further site objectives.


Free speach means we can’t take you to court for anything you say, but this is a private server and our duty as moderators is to make it an enjoyable and safe place for all to play go.


Lemme tell you a joke:

A guy drives on the Autobahn in the wrong direction and when he hears on radio that there’s a ghost driver he laughs and says to his companion:
“One ghost driver? Thousands of them!”

See, what you’re doing here clearly is demeaning anybody “on the other side” … I see little chance with such an attitude. I mean, you could just as well ask yourself, “Gosh, what is it that I’m doing right that everybody else is doing wrong?” :wink:

Like, “Sorry I peed on your precious carpet, but I could’ve pooped on it, would’ve been worse, no?”


Well obviously the objectives need readjusting, because freedom is wanted everywhere
I thought. Bias is hard to filter I reckon.


freedom is not the same as anarchy


This is a gun-free zone :slight_smile: Please leave your M 16 at home, as I do with my AK 47.


I’d take the poop on my carpet, if is a solid . Nah that’s me swaying the “jury” like folks do.

Ion gots one, I got a k too. But we cant debate the fate

{Off-Topic} re: “Anarchy”

I think (hope) I know what you mean, but as an anarchist of some kind I must say that maybe you confuse “freedom” with what many ppl in the USA seem to think of as “liberty”, which latter, it seems to me, is always the liberty of the stronger to do what they want … while “freedom” is freedom for all, and my freedom ends where another one’s begins. Anarchy is not “no rules”, it’s rather “no rulers”, and it definitely does NOT mean “chaos” (as many people sadly believe).

{Off-Topic} re: “Anarchy”

I hear what you’re saying… I guess to me pure anarchy is as idealistic as pure communism; when you focus on the beautiful parts of humanity it makes sense, but there is invariably someone who ruins it all for the rest. I think you’re right, I did falsely extend no rulers to also mean no rules, and I see now that was a mistake, and perhaps anarchy was the wrong choice of words. I think freedom can have both meanings, and I suspect you were once again on the money, I think myslf and RB were using opposing definitions for the term “freedom” (I falling on the liberty side, he on the entitlement side). Thanks for the brain food to chew on :slight_smile: nothing like long internet discussions to challenge your choice of language and expression :slight_smile:


Thx @MystWalker


I was SOOOO confused by this x-post until I actually watched the linked video :stuck_out_tongue: