Hi all,

Just wondering, is the Kata-bot on the OGS site stronger than most pros?

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That kind of depends,
we are running several “strengths” of the bot, depending on the supporter level.
For the “pro” supporters - yes, that level would be likely to beat most professional players.

https://online-go.com/user/supporter <–

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Perhaps @soulrescuer123 might be asking about the strength of this particular account:

rather than the strength of the AI review tools.

The kata-bot account is run by @hexahedron, who could perhaps best answer your question.

Edit: if they are asking about the strength of the review tools, then there was a similar discussion here:


For ‘kata-bot’, I would guess generally yes, with its settings it should be quite a bit stronger than pros on average, and probably capable of taking white with reverse komi, or even a 2h game, although you can of course (like with any bots) find positions where it will blunder and play a losing move.

Keep in mind I don’t keep ‘kata-bot’ fully up to date or promise any particular settings, and its performance may also vary based on how many other games are played with it at the same time. It’s mostly just for users to enjoy (e.g. handicap games) and not meant for careful strength testing or benchmarking.


Thank you guys.