Key movements

How to access the Key Movements?
OGS does it only show three ?

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Also interested.

What are “key movements”?

I believe “Key movements” refers to the key moves for which AI analysis is enabled (3 for non-supporters).
One of the perks of supporting OGS (paying money) is getting “Full AI review”, so AI analysis is enabled on all moves, not just the 3 most important ones. Different ranks (different amounts of money paid) will correspond to different strengths of AI.

OP and I are supporters. We are just wondering if we can expand the “+6 more” etc. part of “Key moves:”.

I know we can just scan the graph, check the large swings, but a list of key moves would be nice.


ok i have to upgrade my support :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m not sure that it will show more “key moves”, just that the playouts (accuracy) of the engine will increase.
I’m not a supporter, so I don’t know if it would show more “key moves”.

That’s the way to go. I plan to upgrade mine soon too.

While upgrading support will get you stronger analysis on each point, I’m afraid at the moment all levels of support only see the top 3 key moves. It tells you how many more there are, but AFAIK there is currently no way to see a longer list…

I feel like the top three moves feature could be a lot better than it is. It could give an equal number of moves advice to each player. It could probably expand into more moves if one is a supporter. It could focus on large mistakes as opposed to ones that changed who was winning, or at least do a mix of both.


yep… agree for the most part… I guess anoek needs to say “good enough, let’s push it” at some point, being the only dev on a live-prod project :man_shrugging:

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I don’t really care personally how many to display, cause I always scan through the whole game. So I will know. It takes no time. Many of the AI moves are too complex to understand. My focus is to find the ones that I can understand and improve, not in his majesty’s definition of key moves only.


what is “stronger analysis on each point” and how I have to do ?
and I don’t know how to use “revise”. :slight_smile:

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You don’t have to do anything. The more you contribute to OGS the better the AI is.

When the game is finished you get the AI review which is in fact the graph under the game. At each move, the graph tells you who is winning and by how much. So when the graph suddenly change, you know something weird, kind of failure happened in the game. Don’t ask more as the AI will not tell you why, just propose you other choices with some following moves.

You can move with the tree or arrows to any move of your game, or click directly on the graph to go where you detected the jumps.

I’m sorry I haven’t this, just a I can comment and name variation. I have to click “score estimation” to have a result and I see on board where are points. I think this allows me to look for variations ?

When a ranked game is finished do you have a graph just under the game?

yes !

I can choose “chance of victory” or “result”

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in general I click on analyze the part and I follow line with stone to find out what AI offers me.

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This graph IS the AI review move by move.

Click on it and you eill go directly to the move. If you are a subscriber you will see other choices to play by the AI.