Kicked from 19x19 Ladder Challenge

Hi everyone and happy 19 to come.

I was travelling in africa for awhile and I have been challenged by someone I couldn’t answer because of the difficulty to get wifi connection. Is that a reason to be kicked out of the ladder challenge?
In any case that is no big deal i will start over again.
Thank you.

If a player times out in a ladder game (even for a challenge that they don’t play a move in), they are automatically kicked from the ladder, and would have to start from the bottom, if they want to rejoin.

If you had another ongoing game in that ladder that did not time out, then rejoining the ladder and winning that other game could bring you back up to a higher position quicker than starting back from the bottom.

The OGS website also has a vacation feature that can be activated from the user settings page. It basically lets you pause all of your correspondence games (including new incoming challenges), which is useful if you know you will be away from the site for a while.

Got it,

thank you very much.