Ko rule under Ing rules

When experimenting with demo boards, Ing ko rules seem to be malfunctioning, not delivering the expected results. I did a bit of googleing and it seems like the Ing ko rules haven’t been successfully implemented in a computer program yet. Are there any plans for OGS to become the first functioning implementation, or are the “called Ing but actually AGA with suicide allowed” rules going to be a permanent feature of the server?

Sorry if I come across rude, but it is annoying when a server has hundreds of great and unique features but seems to mess up on fundamental things like rules of the game.

Hmm, what is not working exactly?

It is hard to tell, since Ing rules in their full form are said to have not been fully understood by anyone outside Asia (OK, maybe exaggerating, but maybe not :smile: ). For example see point 6A first diagram, in: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~wjh/go/rules/KSS.html. OGS seems to treat the position like it was played under superko, instead of Ing’s (I admit very complicated) ko rules. Since the rules matrix specifies that special SST ko rules are applied (and not superko), I expected the result described in that article.

I admit this is not the most common position, but I think that if a server implements a rule set, it should be be able to handle all situations regardless of their rarity.