Kylie Minogue & OGS: The Astonishing Truth Revealed? A Conspiracy Unmasked? You be the judge

Don’t take my word for it. Only one artist has a music clip that includes 30 seconds of performing right in front of a SUPER-SIZED OGS logo. The question is; What does it mean???

She gets off to a good start with a black and white outfit that must clearly be in homage to Go as no other games of consequence use black and white…

…but that is just a hint of things to come. Who would have guessed she is such a passionate fan of OGS.

If you want to try and spot it for yourself (easy) in the full clip then here it is:


Spoiler: Cut-to-the-chase pics {Click Here}

and this last example is clearly an invitation to come and join the OGS ladders:

So what does it mean? You be the judge:

  • Kylie is a REALLY passionate OGS supporter.
  • Someone on the Dev team REALLY loves Kylie.
  • Kylie is ON the OGS team!
  • Benevolent aliens went back in time to give OGS a subliminal booster effect.
  • Something even stranger and darker.
  • Something even brighter and more wonderful.

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For your consideration amusement. :heart:OGS


This is the kind of deep go analysis that I’m coming here for.
There is not far to go from Kejie to Kylie.


The complete black and white Kylie.

Edit to add something I thought for the original post but forgot to write:

The ladder reference was chef kiss.

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Well, we were talking about how to increase the exposure of Go to the US market … Kylie sponsorship, part of the plan!


So that is where our donation money is going?


did you have a better idea?

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Well yes. Almost off topic but still musical…


Swedish Chef sings ‘Instructional Go Musical’ Spectacular!