Lacking sound

Is there a problem with the sound? I only have the problem with OGS no sound.

Sound is working for me, in my desktop browser on a Mac.

You could share what device and browser you are using, and maybe a screen shot of sound settings…

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Thank you. Here a screenshot. Mac Air Catalina Safari. I cannot longer play with Firefox. It does not work.

Could you also please provide a screen shot of your settings on the OGS sound settings page?


Do you have sound on other sites? Like YouTube for example?

Yes, I do have sound everywhere else.

'll see the OGS setting page that I did not know existed.


HERE a screenshot. It looks like everything is on?

Yeah that does look right… As a test if you click any of those little play buttons do you hear a sound?

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I will check.

I found some were not clicked. I have clicked them. Pls see attached screenshot. I hope that I solved it and not made it worse. Thank you
GO SOUNDScreen Shot 2021-10-02 at 10.19.13 PM

@BHydden meant the play buttons (the triangles next to the sliders), not the switches. Does clicking those produce a sound?

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