Ladder bug: wrong colour bar

This is confusing: who am I??? :astonished:

The brown bar should be on my row, shouldn’t it?

(oh, I hope this isn’t the umpteenth ladder bug which I’m the only one concerned about)


Already fixed?!?!?

I think the color bar changes over to someone else if you search for that person, but it will reset to your own name once the page is reloaded.

It’s true, I didn’t know.

But in my case I clicked the link to the ladder in a game I was playing against that player and which I had just won.
I wanted to check my new position in the ladder and expected to have the bar on my name, not his.

After a refresh the bar moved to my name.

I think I had something like this. I figured bar can also change position if someone jumps ahead of you. E.g. you were 45 and bar highlighted 45 but someone jumped and now you’re 46 but bar still highlights 45. Probably the same if someone drops out.

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