Ladder Games - Pausing Issues?

Are there issues with pausing in ladder games, e.g. weekends or vacation? I remember games used to pause on the weekend.

One of my opponents just timed out of a game despite being on a vacation.

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Did your opponent only just come off vacation?

Right now they are not on vacation. I haven’t been able to tell when vacation ended (@anoek I wonder if we could have vacation status in the game log?) .

It looks like they’re still on vacation, also when the OP made the post they were on vacation.

Unless the opponent for some reason disabled the vacation to time out this game (and what looks like two others on the same day) and then re-enabled it?

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Wow - I wonder? I may have been careless in looking at their vacation status :blush: But it seems a pretty obvious thing that is either on or off :thinking:

Bring on the “vacation status log” eh?

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and the option to create tournaments where pause and vacation can’t be used.

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Screenshot from 2022-08-22 15-42-29
I screenshot the above on 8/22/2022, but don’t know whether the vacation status was changed at any point prior.

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Here’s one from the 24th august