Ladder procedures

Some questions and suggestions on the 19X19 ladder:

  1. What are the rules for challenges? Where are they listed?
  2. On the original OGS site, there was a way to support the website, and be able to make a lot of challenges. Will this, or is this, implemented on the new site? I would like to both financially support the site, and be able to make a lot of challenges. Perhaps others feel the same way.
  3. I’d like to see, next to the people I am playing, their ladder position.
  4. I don’t understand why I can’t make another challenge right now. I am playing two players below me on the ladder, and two above me. I thought I could have three matches initiated by me. What’s going on here?

Thank you,


  1. We need better (read existant) docs on this. You can challenge up to three players at a time, and receive up to three challenges at a time, unless you are near the top of the ladder, then you can receive more challenges (up to 5 at the very top iirc).

  2. That’s great! We’re bringing back supporter stuff in the next version, so stay tuned, and thanks for your desire to support the site :smile:

  3. That’s a good idea, I’ll put it on the todo list.

  4. It looks like you have 3 games you initiated: guishu, melcher, and joachim … KimGa challenged you. So even though guishu is now ranked below you, it still counts that game against your challenge limit.

Thanks…Let me add to #3 something that indicate if I challenged or if they challenged.

Yep, that’s already done on 4.0 :slight_smile:

excellent. I was thinking boldface for those I have challenged. You may have come up with another idea.