Ladder puzzle





Everyone is in atari but the writing is too small, whose torn is it and why didn’t they capture?

I think it’s some kind of crazy ladder where white captured black. Maybe not a ladder but I’m not sure what else to call it

Here’s a bit of background - the large image appeared in my facebook feed as a reading challenge.

Then the small image appeared as the amazing outcome, and I thought “Oh, I will share this as an image of newer times”.

I grabbed the smaller image and posted it, then realised that it is too small to really see, and that the initial position is needed as well.

And… facebook. I couldn’t find that post again when I went back.

That’s why for a while there was just that small image there. Then eventually searching around I found the post again, so I was able to add the initial position image.

I asked, in that thread, if the person who supplied the reading outcome would share a bigger image, but so far no reply.

Maybe some kind person could reproduce it here :smiley:

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There we go!


so, white plays move 330 at N8 to capture everything then? confirming that indeed black should not have connected that one useless stone and just played a move on the outside lol


thanks for the bigger images @Eugene


It actually looks like black 227 puts whites group in atari and they don’t capture.

Or maybe I set something up wrong

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na black didn’t atari white because black 267 G5 wasn’t on the board yet

Without move 326 white’s stones aren’t connected, and it looks like part of it is down to one liberty. (stones 24 to 134)

good call

Fixed. From this position it’s black to play but only legal moves are self atari.

Although I think black can atari the one stone at move 225 in the variation you showed. It seems like even after coming this far black just get the option to ditch the five stones at around move 225 and hope for the best in what’s left of the centre

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