Ladder Timeout/Ranking Help (19x19)

Hello, OGS!

I timed out of a 19x19 adder match about a little over two months ago (this game here: Anyways, I quickly jumped back into the ladder to maintain my other matches. One of these I finally won about two weeks ago (this game here: Anyways, I didn´t check until today and was surprised to find my ladder rank still at the bottom of the pack in spite of winning my match with the #133 where I thought I´d find my current ranking to be. Can an admin rectify this, or am I stuck with this unfortunate fate?

If I need to make a case for myself it would go as follows: I´ve been hard at work trying to move up the 19x19 ladder over the last 2.5 years, and it would be sad to see that go to the wayside just because of a few rough days at work; I was too busy to keep an eye on all of my games and one slipped through. I won my game against the #133 fair and square, so it´d make sense for me to claim that space on the ladder. Finally, I´ve got #22 on the the ropes and it’d be a shame if the same happened there. I really love the ladders at OGS and I’d love to keep up my efforts there.

Thanks kindly,

I think the 2nd game you’re talking about where you won is this one:
Ladder Challenge: AlexKrh(#102) vs andrewLsmith84(#86)

It looks like it was originally someone lower than you challenging you, which makes you the defender. I think the way it works is the defender can never move up. Even if the challenger passes you and you beat him, nothing happens.


Ah, okay, you are right! Thanks for the explanation!