Ladder tmeout wins

I would like to complain that the known bug winning by timeout does not promote you is affecting a number of my recent ladder matches. The timing out opponent is not being removed from the ladder and worse I am not being promoted. I would suggest that a complete review of all matches in the past 6 months be undertaken and the correct actions are enforced.
The alternative is that if you know you are going to lose you just let the match timeout. There is no penalty. This destroys the concept of the ladder and will ultimately lead to no one playing in the ladders.
I will continue to play for a while but will if this is not resolved withdraw from the ladder and also stop paying a monthly fee to OGS.
My ladder games under the name MacNala need review.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Whenever someone times out of multiple correspondence games in a row, only the first game is counted and all following time outs result in the game being annulled. This policy and it’s potential for abuse have been debated here several times already.

A timeout should throw you out of the ladder. A timeout also counts always as loss for tournaments and ladders. There is only an exception how they are used to calculate the players rating.

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When this happens to me I’ve reported it and the mods have adjusted the ladder very promptly each time.

If what you say is correct there is a bug in the system. I have had my opponent timeout and nothing happens I do not get promoted and I believe that the opponent timing out does NOT get thrown out of the ladder. I do not know it you are someone who could investigate what has happened. I repeat my original posting something has to be done. I am not the one timing out but my opponent did, whether it was intentional I don’t know, but I did not get the promotion you suggest should happen. There was a bug reported and was reported as ‘being back again’ see entries in the ladder category.
Can you initiate a review as I see you are a member of the OGS Team.

Yes, it’s a known bug but it won’t be fixed quickly.

You could ask moderators to fix manually each single case calling them from inside the game page in order to point exactly who’s the player that did timeout.

Otherwise things will simply stay as they are.

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As Lys says, the best thing to do at the moment is report it when it happens, and moderators will attend. If it turns out to be happening a lot, that might increase the priority of it getting a proper fix.

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How do you report the problem when you cannot find out the problem has occurred until you have closed the game? Another reply earlier said best to do it while you are still in the game so it can be viewed by a moderator. Same question how can you know that the player who has timed out has been kicked out of the ladder when you have not opened the game but received a notification that the player has timed out/are still in the game? I agree it must be frustrating for the developer when they cannot repeat the problem. Intensive testing is needed or I will not be continuing to support OGS in fact it might be worth raising the profile of this poor performance to a wider audience.

The game should still be in your game history on your profile page. You can open it there to call a moderator.

Hello @MacNala,
I have fixed your ladder position and appologize for the trouble.

Let me try to better explain the situation. We know about the problem and it is on our developer’s list. I am not sure how familiar you are with software development, but in case it is not too much, then please try to understand that it is a much more complicated process than one might think, and what works for one person on one PC may not work for another one on different device. On our public Github there are currently about 200 open issues and I suspect our developer has additional internal list. Some of these are minor, some are more urgent.

We would like ALL of these removed, but that takes time, especially since we are a free service with but one “full-time” developer (and several amazing code contributors who are helping out for free). Each time our user encounters such an issue, understandably he or she feel “cheated” and wants that particular problem fixed, but that is sadly just not possible to immediately do for all of them.

The ladder bug is inconsistent and sometimes happens and sometimes not. It sucks, yes, but it does not impact THAT many users and at least as far as I am concerned the damage is not that big nor unfixable, most users have several ladder games going and either quickly rank up from a different game or we fix their position manually. It is still very unpleasant, but the impact is not that widespread, at least from my perspective.

While we value the input from our community very much, in the end, it needs to be up to our developer to decide which problem is currently the most urgent and impacts most users and that is the one he works on fixing. Money have nothing to do with it, we are more concerned about the well-being of the OGS as a whole (especially since most of the team members are volunteers, dragging money into the equation mostly just clouds the issue and discussion with unnecessary emotions).

If you do not agree with this policy and no longer wish to support the project you are of course completely free to withdraw your payments, and I guess it is also good that we now know what potentially prompted that decision, but we have many supporters and I bet they all care about different issues and would prefer other fixes and features (mostly rengo :D). Sadly, even though we are very grateful for their support, it is not in our capabilities to fulfill all these wishes at once.


Thank you for the explanation on how your bug processing works. I am not unfamiliar with the processes but somewhat out of date. I still dabble with websites and languages.