Language saved on computer, not loaded with account

When I log in after my brother has been using the computer, the interface is in German and I have to manually set it to English.

You used to have a bug tracker but I don’t find it anymore, btw, but I can’t find it on the new site, so I guess this is now the place to discuss those things?

Hmm, it should be set per account… I’ll see if I can reproduce that after work.

I just found out that browsers can request different language pages.
I’m using Firefox 31.0 and I saw the “time” field on in open game offers was translated to Finnish but everything else was english… I went to firefox settings and turned the default language I want to see pages to English. That fixed it. I can’t quite get how firefox could overdrive OGS settings as I had english there.

err, that’s really weird that only “time” was translated, i’m not sure how that happened

It’s true though that browsers can request the site in different languages… in theory if you have this set and set the language to “automatic” under preferences (the default value), it should return you the requested language if we have it.