Laptop not connecting but phone is

Hi support

Having played on OGS for a while now through my laptop I have regularly encountered the problem that when accessing the site no active games appear and I am unable to get a game (although I can login). I must admit I had always assumed that ‘the game server was down’ or some such issue.

However, I am not sure this is the case. Recently I have started to play correspondence games and i tend to play these on my mobile. My issue is that I can often access the website through my phone and see new moves have been played but when simultaneously checking on my laptop no active games appear and i cannot access my correspondence games (i.e. the same issue as above).

This issue only happens intermittently on my laptop.

Does anyone have a solution?



Hi, I’m not with OGS support but I’m sure adding a few extra details such as operating system and browser version number will help out a lot.



It is Windows 10 Pro and Firefox v54.0. As i say though the problem is intermittent. For example, at the moment everything is working fine on my laptop.


You did not say what OS and browser you have on the phone.

I started having a solid problem connecting (using OS 10.9.5 and Safari 9.1.3) the same time as the last “big” update a few months ago. Still don’t understand what’s wrong. Cutting to the chase, I looked at “best browsers for Mac” articles and settled on using Chrome. Installed Adblock, removed or disabled all Google/Chrome stuff except Youtube. The downside to Chrome is that it is supposed to be getting built-in ad-blocking. This is not an altruistic move

For Mac my overall impressions of the the rankings were Safari, Chrome > Opera, Vivaldi > Firefox.

Suggest you look for similar articles for your OS or just try Chrome. The two main drawbacks are it’s an energy hog and finding a spot to use to drag the window is a pain in the neck (they’d like to own full screen).

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