Le Go cosmique

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Le Go cosmique by Takemiya Masaki? Amazon.fr doesn’t have any copies and neither does any used book site I’ve checked. I tried looking up the publisher (Algo) but couldn’t find any info on them. I’m hoping that someone knows of a small press that still carries this title.


Naturally, that’s not the French book. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t mind the formatting, you can also just read all the individual parts of Takemiya’s series in the British Go Journal, they’re available here (link leads to the first of Takemiya’s “Go - The Natural Way” chapters):
https://www.britgo.org/bgj/bgj073 (p.19 of the pdf)

All games at a glance (and as sgf, to boot): http://gobase.org/studying/articles/takemiya/

A few French stores do seem to have the book, though for some reason it isn't showing up on amazon.fr. You should be able to buy it from them via amazon.it, though. It's listed here.

Thanks guys!

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There is a reprint now available: