Leagues inside a group in OGS


I would like to suggest to create a league format in a OGS group rather than a ladder or a Tournament. I am thinking in something where people inscribe to it. Then it starts, and people had to play live games but when ever they want in a definite time of period.

Imagine more a fix space where people could play a live game whenever they meet in internet. And at the end of the pre-define date the result of the league is printed.
The matches are define by the computer and at the end players have to plays this match.

I don’t know if it clear my idea, and how difficult to program it is it. But I think it will really give a boost to my Go club group in OGS.

Thanks a lot for the time and this nice platform!

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Hi @muahlers,

You might find what you are looking for here: openstudyroom.org

The OGS group for them is here.


– Musash1

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Thanks @Musash1,

Really nice community! I have taken some ideas from your study group.

Maybe one day i will inscribe in your league!!!