Learning Game?

22k looking for a teaching game. ive been playing AI’s on my phone for about 2 weeks but its becoming predictable. I’d greatly appreciate any help. Thanks guys


Welcome to OGS. Normally loads of people respond to requests like yours, so I think you have been unluckily overlooked. I could give you a teaching game, but I’m not very good at live 9x9 and I have a very awkward schedule–rarely available before 8 p.m. EST, and then only for a couple hours tops. Send me a friend request and we can try to coordinate if you want. In the meantime, I have posted a review of your game with Xavier, which has several instructive aspects to it. (I think I’m a little stronger as an analyst than as a live player, because my old brain has more time to think.)


Conrad mentioned 9x9. Can you clarify is that what you want?

Anyhow, send me a friend request, we’ll see if we can sync up.


I would be happy to play. :slight_smile:
send a corr challenge or a friend request if you want to try and meet for live