Let's all have fun

let’s all just chat and teach others new things! :grin:


Welcome to the forums @JackZhao !

Welcome @JackZhao

Do you have any starters? I could follow you on some of your interests.

thank you

no i do not know what that is yet

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i do not know what that is yet im new XD

Welcome @JackZhao! So what do you know about go? If you start we can help if you want or maybe you have some other interests to share? Did you have a game here already?

actually I am 9kyu in CGA and 12 kyu in OGS it’s just i just discovered this forums thing XD

Nice. Never too late. There is plenty to read here.
What is CGA?

its a society that officially promotes your go ranks

so I’m officially 9 kyu rn

@Groin what kyu are you?

A society? A secret one or a private one or a federal organization or… Tell me more.

Here on OGS I am 2k today.

oh 2kyu fair enough ive invited you to a tournement

no more like an public association

@groin (i ment to say association not society)

Still a bit mysterious to me, sorry.
Is it a correspondence or a live tournament?


you can be in a Hall of fame if your interested

Lol no. Not really but thanks anyway.
I will take your invitation to check if I can participate, why not? Can you tell me what tournament belonging to which group?