Life and Death Problem from Late Corner Invasion

In this recent game of mine:

I (as black) was losing by 0.5 points at move 264, so I invaded white’s bottom-left position, by cutting at the 3-4 point with move 265. Ultimately, the invasion managed to live, but I’m wondering about some questions:

  • Was it possible for white to kill that invasion?
  • Should the invasion have resulted in a ko or seki? My limited reading ability seemed to find those outcomes most often.
  • Would it have been better for white to atari the invading stone? Maybe from the 2-4 point (below)?

Some other thoughts:

  • White could have defended that cutting point earlier, but would have then lost by 0.5 points.
  • Even if that invasion resulted in a ko fight won by white to kill the invading stones, white would have still lost the game for having to play an extra stone to settle the fight.
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I don’t know OGS system well.
Can you see variants if I write some variants at that play?
I wrote some.


Thank you. Yes, I can see those variations and will study them further.