Life, death and invasion: a new player's problems

First of all is there any way I could have kept my group on the left side alive. But second, could I have invaded succesfully at the end? If so, how? I’m pretty new, so an invasion play-by play would be great.

Your group on the left side is practically invincible at the start. I mean there’s a lot of way to keep it alive. It’s dead because it didn’t have an eye-rich shape in the end. When you are better at making shape you will find it easy to keep that group alive. I remember reading a pretty good book about shape back then, Shape Up I think. What you’re lacking is the basic of shape, after you know of the basic shape you can play real games and learn what to do with those basic shapes in real games.

At the end you can no longer invade. To invade you usually must have 2 alternatives: living inside or running out and connect with your outside group - when your opponent block one way, you choose the other. So I tend to think of invading as punching a wall. If the wall is made of rotten wood and full of holes, maybe a healthy young man can easily break out, but if it’s a solid plate of metal then you will need some nuclear