Light up Go boards!

A random dream that I’d like to share.

A light up Go board with clear B and W stones. The lights come from within the board and stream out each point the liberties intersect.

When stones are dead they illuminate red, If stones are safe, they illuminate green. Mutual will just be clear white illumination etc

Sounds like a good idea?


Could add some explosion and smoke when you kill stones


Brilliant :joy:

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Youtuber “In Sente” built a 3d printed go board with lights inside.
Not exactly what you dream of, but similar.
There are also plans and files to make your own copy.


There is a board sold (by yke i think) too. But we are OT.

Where can I find more information about this project?

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I can’t find it anymore.

Here is the simple 3d printed board:

There was another video about a board using arduino to explore a SGF database, showing next move on the board with LED.

Maybe it was on her second youtube channel, but I can’t find that channel either at the moment.
I fear she removed that content.


I got it!

Not very easy to find contents here in the forum and also on Google when your search keys are “in sente second channel” :grin: but I found a tweet with the link I was looking for:

The channel name is izzitMichaela.


Thanks so much, really enjoyed this content.

Just seeing the level of difficulty this was, I doubt my dream will come true now !

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Another board with cables (pic of low quality because screenshot of video)