Like limit does not work (FIXED)

I reached my maximum number of likes but I could still like.If you look at the third picture
you can see that the like is activated.

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As someone who has run out of likes a lot, I can tell you, the like limit is working. If you reload or leave that page, you will find that your like will disappear until it recharges(in this case 2h, but I have had it have to wait for 7h before). If the like stays after a reload or after you leave the page, the limit is not working. If it only stays like that before you reload or leave that page, it is doing it’s job, and it won’t give you extra likes no matter how much you forget and/or try to like posts.
Edit: I think it is doing its job because if I go to that post and check who has liked it, there are only two people who have- me and mark5000.