Limited Time Modes, Competitive Mode & Skins!

Hello, I have had an ok idea.

Limited Time Modes: (Example)

10v10 26x26 - Say like this will be only available for 5 days. So the board is 26x26 and you have 9 other people on your team. The team who get 100 territories 1st altogether wins.

1v1v1v1 50x50 - Only available for 3 days. The board is 50x50 and the 1st one to get 15 territories 1st wins!

Blitz Impact - It’s like Blitz but it is 5 seconds per turn. Available for 1 week.

Competitive Mode (Example):

If you play this you are entered in a giveaway for free perks! (Mods decision)
How to enter: Play your 1st game and you have to get more than 3 territories.
Score basing: Won (100 points) Lose (50 points) Every territory (5 points)
This will be tracked and will have a leaderboard this will be only available for 5 days.
1st Place: Free Perks (Mod’s decision)
2nd - 100th Place: Longer vacation time perk!

Skins are mod’s choice.

This game is cool aswell ok bye!!

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I’m totally confused…

Why make things available for a limited time only?

Do you mean some kind of rengo with 10v10, or more like each player plays against members of the other team?

1v1v1v1 as in multicolour go with four colours?

Isn’t blitz with 5 seconds per turn already possible (with simple time controls)?

Skins as in different boards / stones or custom avatars? Because those are also already available.

How to judge when a player has a certain amount of territory before the game is finished? That’s not really how go works, “getting … territories by move …”

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OGS is very boring because no updates. The Blitz Impact could be like 5 seconds per turn but if you win you get skins & Emoji skins.

How is it boring? This site is made to play go against other people, and in fact it is one of the few severs that is constantly being updated and extended with new features, improved UI, etc (a lot of it contributed by volunteers from the community here). Try playing on KGS if you want to see what no updates looks like.

Also, I don’t think a game that has been played for several thousand years needs any updates to stay relevant / interesting. Variants of go are fun to play around with, but I’m sure most people here think the best variant is plain vanilla go.


Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think that “skins & emoji skins” would motivate me to play go more…

Ideas that work great with sites like may not necessarilly work everywhere…

my 2 cents - your mileage may vary - some cars not for use with some sets - void where prohibited

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Also - the “updates” that happen here are mental ones - i.e. over time you become a better go player, and get a better understanding of strategy and tactics, etc.

That - to me - is the most satisfying update of all…