Link back to OGS somewhere in forum site

I play OGS on my tablet, and when I have it loaded in my browser and come to the forums, it doesn’t open a new browser tab. (I consider this good behavior.)

However, there’s no link back to the main site from anywhere in the forum. If I want to pull up my games, I have to adjust the URL manually. Perhaps there should be a link back to the main site so that players can switch back and forth more easily?



So, I have a somewhat less than ideal solution for this in place. Now if you click the three bars on the upper right of the screen, the first link there will be a link back to OGS. There’s been a fair amount of interest by other people who use discourse (this forum software) about needing a better system for dealing with this, so hopefully there will be a better place for this in the future, however until then maybe this hack will suffice?

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When I click on the three bars, I see two links back to the main site, the first and the last. This is more than suffices :slight_smile:

I’m reading the forums from a tablet.

When I click on the three bars, the first link in the list is “Latest”, which brings me back to the forums page. There is no link in that menu that goes back to OGS.

So I don’t think this suffices at all. :smile:

I just converted to the full version of the site and now I see the links.

So this is a problem with the mobile version of the forums.

Ahh indeed, I had to add the modification to a mobile specific thing too - now you should see it on your tablet :slight_smile:


Works as a workaround, but not the most obvious way, no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just posting to link to another thread I found when I was about to post a third thread about this :stuck_out_tongue: , and it suggested them:

Should probably join discussion in them somehow.


"Works as a workaround, but not the most obvious way, no."
And by this I mean that I do think it should be changed, but that it’s not a priority. :slight_smile:

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