Listed as recently timed out after 6 months and 15 games

Looking through the forums, I saw that at least a few years ago, the “recently timed out” tag should have gone away after completing a game or two. I’ve been playing almost all correspondence this year, and so I’ve only had 15 games since my accidental timeout, but that was December 3. Is that still supposed to be there? Thanks!

Strange. My last timeout was in March and while I can’t recall how many games it took until the flag vanished, I’m pretty sure it was just a few. So yeah, that’s still in place, just not for you??? :thinking:

To get rid of the timeout flag you need to properly finish another correspondence game. It just seems you got really unlucky and all the subsequent games ended also by timout (be it your opponent’s), the game has to end properly and not be a live challenge.

But I would not worry too much about it :slight_smile:

Except I did. I’ve had seven games since then that ended in either resignation or counting, and I’m pretty sure only one of them was live. I’m not super worried about it except that it just sort of makes me feel bad every time I go look at my profile. :slight_smile:

Well since your timeout in 2017-12-03 I do not see a correspondence game that finished successfully (i.e. counting or resignation). I may be wrong (wouldnt be the first time), but until you show me one I am sticking with my original explanation :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’ll be. You’re right, none of those were correspondence. What rotten luck. :smiley: Thanks for explaining!


A work around to clear the flag quickly: play a correspondence game against a bot.

Why is the T flag not cleared by a win on time? I think it is a “proper” end.

I just tried that, and no, a correspondence win against a bot doesn’t appear to count, either.

Edit: Of course it didn’t count – I’m a TPK still, so I can only play unranked games against the bots. :slight_smile: