Little blue '1'?

What is the little blue ‘1’ that appears next to my name in the top right, then disappears when I click it?

That is to alert you that you have a new like, or message, or reply to something you wrote.

Oops, I wasn’t clear - I meant in OGS itself, not in the forum :slight_smile:

Here in the forum, the notification is a blue circle and when you click on it you see what it is trying to tell you.

In OGS I get a 1 in a blue square from time to time right next to the picture of me, and when I click it the panel opens with “Theme” and “clear notifications”, but there is no actual notification in there.

Sorry, I haven’t seen that.

I noticed that it sometimes happens when somebody declines a challenge that you sent to them.

That’s it! A correspondence challenge that I had outstanding for ages is no longer there!

Kind of a bug, then, isn’t it - it doesn’t tell you that happened.

Do challenges eventually terminate themselves, if they aren’t answered? That might be a case to cause this…

Just today I saw someone say that challenges never terminate automatically, but I can’t remember who said that or where.

So my challenge must have been terminated by the other person, which almost explained the little blue ‘1’. Except that it did it again just now. I unthinkingly clicked on it again and it disappeared - next time I will take screen shot.

@anoek when an opponent declines a correspondence challenge, there seems to be a problem with the user message sent back to the person challenging.

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Ah thanks @sulai, I’ve added a github issue to track that bug:


I think I worked out why it kept reappearing: I didn’t click “clear notifictions” (because there was nothing to clear! :slight_smile: )

Now I clicked that, and it says “no notifications” … kind of implying there was indeed an inivisible notification there before.