Live game resignation

I was playing a live game where my opponent didn’t play a move for 10 minutes. I went to play a move for one of my correspondence games and when I came back I had auto resigned. I understand the point of auto resign for live games, but when your opponent doesn’t play a move for over 10 minutes, shouldn’t I have the option of going to another game and playing a move?

I think it would have been a close game so I’m not too worried, but if my opponent decides to take lots of time to think (or maybe goes to the washroom) shouldn’t I also be allowed to make a move on one of my other games?

Edit: I forgot to mention that it wasn’t my turn either.

You can play other boards while you’re waiting, but there is “escaper prevention” after two minutes of closing the game board. The solution is to open new tabs instead of navigating away from the board.