Live game start bug?

Being dumped into a live game, a notice box popped up that my game was starting. Then I got a box offering to turn off future notifications or something. I clicked through hurriedly to get to my game, but the box came up again, and again. I’m not sure what I did to get the game to finally start, maybe I refreshed? I put it behind me and played a game, so I forget. But it was not a fun way to start a live game.

That is to enable/disable desktop notifications… did you click one or the other? What browser are you using?

Chrome on Win7. I haven’t tried another game, I’ll let you know for sure if the weirdness replicates. The thing is, I was staring at the board waiting for an opponent, it’s odd to have a pop-up come up instead of the board. Or instead of a negotiation type dialog, if you go that way…:wink: