Livestreaming Go (twitch)

So my thinking is:

Go could be somewhat unique in the streaming world since, as far as I can tell, you should be able to slash the fps of the broadcast in a way that shooter games can’t, which would allow for streaming in greater detail, no?

I ask because I just watched a really choppy go stream and my first thought was “I wonder what fps he’s trying to stream at? Surely 30/60 (which I imagine is standard) is just a waste of bandwidth and, even with a video camera pointed at your face, surely something like 5-10 fps would be sufficient for a go game and tremendously drop the bandwidth and cpu/gpu tax”

Could people with streaming experience comment on this?

Also, I am kinda toying with the idea of streaming… what are some factors that would make this beneficial / detrimental?


I stream at 25fps. 720p, But you can go down to 480p and still look good if your bit-rate is too low. It depends though, as the board and timer are the only important things a viewer needs to see, you can really go overboard on the overlay surrounding them, so if you want things like chat on screen then you should probably go for the 720p and lower the fps.

The most important thing is to not use more than 80% of your upload bitrate (including audio) and keep it set to CBR (constant bit rate) in the settings. This will keep the stream nice and smooth with no dropped frames.


Thanks for the tips.