can someone please tell me what’s this software and how to use it? What is it meant for?

I just saw a nice skin with stone faces, but I am too lazy to investigate further. Sorry. :sweat_smile:

I looked in the forum but there’s almost no reference to it now, so maybe this thread could be useful for future memory. :smile:

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Feel free to add some user’s experience if you have. :grin:


It’s basically a Lizzie-like software but with arguably more functionalities. I personally prefer using LizGoban than using Lizzie for a number of reasons, which include tabs and ease of changing rulesets.

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I used it today to analyse a game.

Graphic is quite poor. I still have to learn how to use it well but for now I think that OGS AI interface is easier to read and way more appealing. There are no faces though. :grin:

Nice features: the quick overview and the autoplay for analysing games. When I used Leela I had to do it by myself.

You don’t (if I understand correctly what you mean) there is a button to analyze whole game with set number of playouts.

(it’s A or analyze>auto analyze in menus <- which older versions did not have, not sure where you are at)

I don’t remember it, it’s been a while.
I used plain Leela (not zero or whatever) v11.

I must check it

Plain Leela doesn’t have auto-analyze, that’s correct. For that you need Lizzie (the GUI) + the engine (Kata or LeelaZero) or some other GUI, but I only use Lizzie for now. Will check out LizGoban though, sounds interesting.

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I don’t understand if there’s a way to edit AI config (number of visits or something else).
I only found presets for LZ, Katago, KG for handicap and KG wider search, but I don’t really know what they mean.
Is there any way to change AI settings?