Lizzie v0.7 released!

Lizzie 0.7 is finally ready. It is compatible with Leela Zero and KataGo. Please make sure to replace your current config file with the current version’s config file. It’s better to start with an entirely new folder if possible.

It comes with LZ#3d056bf4, a strong 15 block network trained by bubblesId/bjiyxo. It should be roughly equal strength to LZ#244 at equal time, but outputs playouts much faster. Windows versions also come with KataGo and its latest 20 block network. KataGo can estimate territory and always reads ladders correctly. Mac/Linux users will need to compile Leela Zero and KataGo.

Note, KataGo takes longer to set up the first time than Leela Zero. It only needs to set up once.