Load SGF into Demo Board, or put additional moves into SGF file in the library

Can we load SGF into Demo Board for own simulation or review and try different scenarios?
Or, can we add more moves into the SGF files in the SGF library and save those additional moves in that file/board or rename as different board?

I think this will be helpful to people want to review a past game or on-going game without putting every stone by himself. It might be also good to myself to review each move I did in that on-going game. If I can have AI review those past moves, it will be great help for my learning.

But, we also need to prevent people using this AI’s help to play with other player.

I was just wondering about this too. I can do it with a 9x9 game because there is only about 75 moves a game. A 19x19 would be harder because there can be hundreds of moves.

You can do a review on an uploaded SGF, but we don’t (yet) have the ability to play out additional variations and have the AI review particular steps. It’s on my wish list though :slight_smile:


I can add extra moves on the uploaded SGF in SGF library (after clicked the forward to the end). But it won’t / cannot save. Unless, I download that modified SGF and re-upload as the new SGF. In that case, can we just add a “save” function in the modified SGF. No AI review is OK. Because mainly this is the board for me to analysis on-going game with others.

Or, add a function (upload SGF) in the demo board. This will be also good for saving time to put all of the stones into demo board. Then, the demo board will save the additional moves automaticlly.

Either way is good.

As meantioned above, you can create a review (normally from the right side slide out menu) of any uploaded sgf. Any modifications in the review are saved automatacilly as are the comments attached to the moves.

It is a bit of a workaround perhaps, but should be easy enough? I am afraid converting the library from a “viewer” only to an “editor” might be a low priority for the moment.

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Thank you. That works. Sorry I did not know this function.

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