Loading issues using Firefox Containers

Hi there,

I’ve recently started to try out the Firefox Multi-Account Container add-on to separate tabs open in the browser, and since then I’m having problems loading games in OGS. It works just fine if I use a regular tab too. All I could find is the following error in the console: “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://online-go.com/socket.io/?EIO=3&transport=websocket.”

The funny thing is, when I first open the website I can see the preview of the games being played. It is only after logging in to my account that I start to see this problem (and a couple of times it actually worked after refreshing many times and restarting the browser but I’ve been trying again this for a while now with no luck).

I suppose for now I won’t be using the containers for OGS but I was hoping there’s a way around this issue? Thank a lot in advance!

I have the same issue but without any addons installed at all.

I’ve experienced the same thing just today. Up-to-date Firefox with the Test Pilot and uBlock Origin addons, no containers. Same console messages.

I’ve been using Firefox on and off for some time, but I’ve only come across this when I started using containers, so I guess it could be something else. I’m using Waterfox normally which is a fork of Firefox and everything works just fine with a bunch of addons, including Ublock Origin, in case you want to try.