Location of undo button

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The location of the undo button is very unfortunate! By replacing the submit button it exposes the user to the likelihood of an accidental double click; now an accidental undo.

I have requested an undo in one of my games by accident this way. Unfortunately I cannot undo my undo either!


Yes, I’ve done the same. Either the button should be elsewhere, or there should be a way to retract an undo


Yes. It’s especially troublesome on iphone/ipad.

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Indeed, this happened on my iPhone; there was a delay between clicking submit and any action being taken. I thought i’d missed the button but no; just as I went to press it again it changed to undo!

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There is an industrywide problem with mice that makes them double-click when you intended to single click. It seems that the newer mice are using cheaper parts.

Basically, is not just the iPhone that makes this a problem.

I would like to see a retraction button in addition to changing the button location anyway.

The easiest solution is to requir confirmation on the undo button just like there is on the resign button

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I think the easiest solution is to move the undo button. Where the undo button appears now I think an analyse button should appear. Undo should perhaps appear under or next to that. This preserves the layout of the page when a move is made.

Otherwise the page may jump slightly after a move is made because the button disappears.


I think Undo should be on the right menu.


Exactly. If you want it, find it.

Yeah that’s a good point, i’m not sure why i stuck it where it is now. We’ll move it to the right menu :slight_smile:

On mobile devices, the undo button is still located very badly, resulting in frequent undo requests by mistake.
Why not add a confirmation dialog like with the pass button?

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So 6 years ago it used to be undo button huh. I wish it was undo again instead of pass. Happy 2020!

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I had the same problem, of doing undo by mistake.
Undo is a rarely used feature. It shouldn’t be in the main screen, especially where I would expect the “back” button to be!

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