Log In required to Chat but not to Play?

Login to Chat but not to Play?

Using Vivaldi browser. Launched the browser which was set to open with previous session. I submitted my move, then went to enter a line of chat. . The Chat entry box indicated that I needed to sign in. I could not enter text. I looked at the top of the page where Log In was indicated. Strange I could enter a move but not chat text.

Seems to me that Login should be required to view any game. If I have to login to enter chat content, shouldn’t people at least have to login to view it?

Also, in connection with that, is a privacy restriction on screen shots.

Using Grab, can’t do a Window shot, get “Window could not be captured; contents cannot be shared”.
However, screen & selection can be done.

Preview provides the same options for screen shots and in this case the restriction on taking a shot of the selected window is not triggered.

Naively, there seem to be some inconsistencies and/or bugs in how MacOS is responding to the privacy tag OGS has applied to the window. (Or there are different restrictions that OGS needs to set?) I have never encountered this before. Suggest if you have current OS (I know MacOS Mavericks, have no experience with iOS) that you test and report problem to Apple if it still occurs.

OSX 10.9.5
Vivaldi 1.7.735.46
Safari 9.1.3
Grab 1.8
Preview 7.0

Recreated problem:

It was opponent’s move. Quit Vivaldi browser. (Browser is set to re-open with last session.) Later relaunched. Opponent had moved. I submitted move, was about to enter chat an noticed “Sign In”. Verified by opening a new tab that my move had taken effect but Sign In required. The left side menu indicated Sign In and did not have Profile seection.